Oscar Muñoz

US Macro Strategist

New York
phone 1 212 827 7405

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Muñoz, Oscar
US Macro Strategist

Oscar Muņoz is a US Macro Strategist at TD Securities, providing research and analysis on the US economy and financial markets for both internal and external clients.

Prior to joining TD Securities in November 2018, Oscar worked as a Latam Economist at BNP Paribas in New York for 4 years, conducting sovereign macroeconomic analysis and forecasts for Mexico, Colombia and Peru. In addition, he held a Junior Latam Economist position at Bank of America Merrill Lynch for 2 years.

Oscar holds a Master in Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics and an MPA from Columbia University. He also holds a double BS in Economics and Finance from the Pennsylvania State University.

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