Chris Whelan

Senior Canada Rates Strategist

phone 416 983 0445

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Whelan, Chris
Senior Canada Rates Strategist

Chris is a Senior Rates Strategist with the Global Rates Strategy team at TD Securities in Toronto. In his role, he provides research and analysis to the firm's clients for both levered and non-levered trading opportunities. Chris applies quantitative and fundamental frameworks when assessing domestic and cross-market opportunities in Canadian rates across both federal and provincial bonds and swaps. Chris brings 7 years of experience on the buy side to this role. Prior to joining TD, Chris was a Rates and FX Portfolio Manager at a large Canadian asset manager and a Quantitative Trader at a hedge fund with a global presence focused on quantitative and relative value strategies. Chris holds a Bachelor's degree specializing in Finance from Western University.

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Friday January 22, 2021
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