Cristian Maggio

Director and Head of Emerging Markets Strategy, Rates and FX

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Maggio, Cristian
Director and Head of Emerging Markets Strategy, Rates and FX

Cristian is Head of Emerging Markets Strategy. Cristian provides Strategy on emerging market economies and financial markets with a focus on trade recommendations and other investment opportunities. Cristians coverage includes macroeconomic forecasting, interest rates and FX analysis in select markets from EMEA, Asia, and Latin America.

Cristians views are published in various TD Securities emerging markets publications, commentaries on salient EM events, data releases, and ad hoc market musings. Cristian also regularly appears in both international broadcast and print media.

In 2010, Cristian joined TD Securities from Credit Suisse, where he worked for four years and ran FI EM Strategy within its Global Fixed Income and Credit Strategy team. While at Credit Suisse, Cristians focus was primarily on external sovereign debt and quasi-sovereign credit analysis. He was also involved in strategic and tactical portfolio allocation.

Cristian holds a Master of Business Administration from MIP School of Management in Milan, as well as a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Economics & Business Administration from University of Verona in Italy. Cristian has previously worked in Zurich and Hong Kong, and is currently based in TDs London office.

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Emerging Markets Week Ahead
(EM) - Cristian Maggio


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