James Rossiter

Head of Global Macro Strategy

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Rossiter, James
Head of Global Macro Strategy

James is Head of the Global Macro Strategy team. In his role, he leads TD Securities' G10 macroeconomic research and analysis for both internal and external clients, providing core central bank and economic views. James focuses primarily on global macroeconomic trends, and has covered European markets in depth in recent years, particularly related to Brexit.

James joined TD Securities in London in 2015 after spending 13 years at the Bank of Canada. Following an exchange at the European Central Bank in 2009, James went on a two-year secondment to the Bank of England in 2012, where he was part of the team producing the macroeconomic forecast for the Monetary Policy Committee.

James holds a Master of Arts degree in economics from the University of Toronto and a BA (Honours) in economics from the University of Alberta.

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