Sacha Tihanyi

Deputy Head of Emerging Markets Strategy

phone 212 827 7043

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Tihanyi, Sacha
Deputy Head of Emerging Markets Strategy

Sacha Tihanyi is the Deputy Head of Emerging Markets Strategy at TD Securities, based in Toronto, where he covers EM FX, macro, and rates, with a key focus on China/Asia as well as Latin American markets.

Before his role with TD Securities in Toronto, Sacha was based in New York in the same position for the bank. Prior to joining TD Securities Sacha was situated in Hong Kong for a number of years where he established and led the EM Asia strategy effort for another global financial institution. In his professional career, Sacha has held positions in G-10 FX strategy, as well as emerging market sovereign credit, with a focus on Latin America.

Sacha holds a Master's degree in Economics from Queen's University, a B.Math (honours, with distinction) degree in Mathematical Statistics from the University of Waterloo, and a B.A. (honours) degree in Economics from Laurentian University.

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