Welcome to TD Securities' Fixed Income, Currencies and Metals Research

TD Securities' Fixed Income, Currencies and Metals Research group provides a wide range of macro research and analysis as well as investment advisory services to aid clients in identifying opportunities in fixed income, foreign exchange, and commodity markets.

The team spans the globe both in its geography and focus, with strategists in Toronto, New York, London, Singapore, and Calgary providing market-centred analysis of the U.S., Canada, the U.K and Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and a range of emerging market nations. In addition, the group provides comprehensive coverage of other major currencies, including the euro, pound sterling, the Swiss franc, and the yen.

The group also generates periodic research on thematic market subjects. It works closely with, and leverages, the analytical firepower of the highly regarded TD Economics department.

The Fixed Income, Currencies and Metals Research team also has a global-macro based investment advisory service that identifies discretionary trading strategies complemented with rules-based trading processes that maximize return and minimize portfolio volatility.

With a focus on insightful communication, the research team makes regular presentations that help clients navigate a complex investment climate and take advantage of market opportunities.
Monday April 19, 2021
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